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For the Love of Exotic Wood

There’s someone you really want to get something special for and you’ve been searching high and low for the perfect gift for them.  You know what I’m talking about.

You have no idea where to even start. You can’t think of anything to give, you’re getting desperate and even a trip to the store will only make you feel worse.

If you’re stuck for the perfect gift and you’ve got nothing, how about a unique hand-crafted pen  made out of exotic or local hardwood that will make you the best gift giver ever.

Hello there!

We're Joe and Gisèle

Located in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, Sliver of a Tree was started by my wife and I in 2017 (back then it was called Inspired by the Pen).

We started making pens then ventured into wooden rings and as time has passed, Sliver of a Tree has grown into a full-fledged business, where we are able to take on custom orders, and create all sorts of unique pens, rings, accessories and memorial pendants using unique, sustainably sourced wood from all around the world.

Our pieces are hand crafted from solid wood using a variety of techniques that creates a unique one-of-a-kind design.

Exotic wood rings on display on a starfish

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Assorted Pens Displayed on a Smartphone

How It’s Done

The Process for Creating a Pen

Choosing the Componets and Wood

After hand selecting the wood, a pen component is chosen that compliments the colour and grain of the wood.

Shaped on a Lathe

The wood is turned by hand on a lathe and depending on the style may include a metal inlay, burned channel and created as a hybrid with coloured resin.


Once the wood has gone through a protection stage and curing, it's assembled by hand and tested before boxing for shipping.

“My father would have loved a handmade pen, he was so hard to buy for."

Joe Butka Bio Photo

Joe Butka
Co-Owner, Sliver of a Tree

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